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A Remarkable Career

One of our city’s newest CEOs is settling into his tropical lifestyle, and with over 40 years in the medical profession, all of Far North Queensland will benefit.

Integrated Medical Services (IMS) welcomed their new CEO, Adrian Pennington, in the first half of this year when they were experiencing rapid growth. Mr. Adrian Pennington has had a highly distinguished career across Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, leading various hospital and health services. Internationally Mr. Pennington has developed clinical governance and quality frameworks, project redesign, process improvement, and project management. With a passion for teaching and education, Mr. Pennington has more than 60 documents published, presented overseas, and lectured for Harvard Business School and Stanford University.

Adrian for seven years was the National Director of Coronary Heart Disease in the United Kingdom, during which time the Mortality rate reduced by 50,000 deaths per annum and is maintained to this day.

IMS has seen rapid expansion in recent years, providing many new specialties, including general surgery, urology, oncology, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, gynaecology, and ophthalmology.

“The organisation’s strategy is impressive and something I see as adding great value to a wonderful city, whilst also adding benefit and opportunity to the public health system,” Mr. Pennington said.

Since 2014, Integrated Medical Services has worked with many medical professionals to start, manage and build their private practices without the complications associated with entering into partnerships or working in a traditional clinic. IMS provides services to the private sector and veterans and works closely with Cairns and Hinterland HHS to provide care within the public system. IMS also provides management of health, building and research companies with the group.

“In our region, we have a shortage, as do most regional areas of Queensland employing specialist staff. Therefore, we need to align strategic workforce plans to predict what shortages we will have for medical, nursing, and allied healthcare staff,” he said.  

“We are already looking to develop Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Sonography, and Cardiac physiology with Central Queensland University. It is important that we work together to ensure we are not competing for a valuable resource in years to come. Developing people from our community is fundamental to developing a workforce committed to understanding the region.”

“Whoever I have worked within my career, I have enjoyed working with great people, and the board here at IMS are indeed very impressive and aspirational people. What we will achieve in the next few years I feel is unprecedented in regional Queensland,”
he said. 

Mr. Pennington remarks that quality health care is teamwork. 

“I am and always have been passionate about healthcare. Knowing that you can change the quality of life for a person is the greatest reward anyone can have. Providing quality healthcare can only be achieved when the whole team contributes and takes pride in their individual and collective contributions. My role in the “we” is to ensure everyone has the right support and development opportunities to deliver this.”

Reading a lot about leadership and organisational development has taught Mr. Pennington to stress the need for clear communication. 

“Leaders of today need to demonstrate personal integrity, be visionary; they need to be able to communicate with heartfelt passion. I think selling the vision and personalising the vision gains greater momentum and success rate when staff feel inspired. To achieve, this vision needs to be communicated to enable personal impact
to be felt.”

Looking toward the future, IMS is ready for the next stage in its already highly successful business.

“A little early, I would say to be able to articulate this. However, I can guarantee that we will develop, expand, improve the range and standard of our services and do this in an efficient, effective, enjoyable, and rewarding, and fun way for all the people involved.

“Did I just say “fun” in healthcare? Yes, it’s possible when everyone really understands that treating patients as if a family member is rewarding. Being professional is absolute, but really enjoying your job is an imperative of successful healthcare.”

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