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Aurukun mayor praises community’s harmony with police

AURUKUN Shire Council Mayor Keri Tamwoy has praised the community and local police for one of the quietest Christmas holiday periods on record.

“Council has been working with the Aurukun Police to keep our community safe and I applaud the officers for their commitment to community safety,” she said.

“For the first time in five years there were no public orders issued by police over the holiday period from December 23-31 for infringements such as street fights, weapons offences, obstructing police or being a public nuisance.

“I congratulate the police on their vigilance in preventing alcohol and cannabis from entering our community, which is subject to an Alcohol Management Plan (AMP).

“This was instrumental in maintaining peace during the festive season, helping to steer Aurukun towards a more secure and harmonious future.”

Officer in Charge at Aurukun Police Station Senior Sgt Amit Singh said the Aurukun police officers worked with Weipa police to conduct surveillance at licensed venues and undertake AMP patrols to fortify defences against illicit substance entry.

“This collaborative effort with Weipa Police officers bolstered enforcement, aided by coordinated AMP patrols intercepting smuggled substances via boats,” he said.

“Aurukun Police’s strategic coordination led to successful offender apprehensions and boat confiscations. 

“The collaborative efforts of Aurukun police and community members in gathering intelligence played a vital role in this success. 

“By staunchly addressing the root causes of potential unrest, Aurukun station officers have exemplified their commitment to ensuring a safer and more tranquil environment for the Aurukun community. 

“Aurukun police’s overarching Operation Aak Min (Safe Place) is producing results.”

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