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Away for the day mobile phone ban campaign launched

A NEW website and social media campaign has been launched to support families and students in the lead up to the 2024 school year when students will be required keep their mobile phones “away for the day”.

The campaign highlights the important role parents and carers play in students’ safe and responsible use of mobile devices, both during and outside school hours.

The mobile phone ban will extend to wearable devices like smartwatches, which can be worn, but must have notifications switched off, so that phone calls, messages and other notifications cannot be sent or received during school hours.

This will bring consistency across the nation, with all other states and territories agreeing to restrictions on the use of mobile phones in all government schools.

Education Minister Grace Grace said the new campaign will help students adjust to life in school without their mobile phones.

“The ‘away for the day’ campaign will provide support for families and students in the lead up to next year when the new mobile phone arrangements come into force,” she said.

“We are working with state school communities to implement this policy while building on the great work state schools are already doing in this area.

“Putting mobile phones ‘away for the day’ will encourage face-to-face social interactions between students as well as promoting their health and wellbeing by providing more opportunities for physical activity during break times.

“It will also reduce the exposure of students to the unsafe or inappropriate use of technology, such as cyberbullying, accessing harmful content or breaches of personal privacy.”

For many school communities, the implementation of “away for the day” will not require significant change, with more than 95 per cent of state schools already implementing policies that restrict the use of mobile phones for students during school hours.

The adoption of this statewide approach will support schools to maintain a strong focus on educational achievement and student wellbeing and engagement by allowing students to learn, and teachers to teach, with less distractions.

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