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Empowering remote Australia with cutting-edge connectivity

A PIONEERING force in remote communications and networking, AirBridge Networks has taken a significant step in revolutionising connectivity solutions with the launch of ARNI Control, Australia’s premier all-in-one connectivity solution.

Short for AirBridge Rapid Network Infrastructure, ARNI Control is a result of extensive community collaboration and decades of industry expertise in engineering and advanced communications, data, and IP technologies.

Designed to provide fast and reliable connectivity precisely when and where it’s needed, ARNI Control is set to redefine the landscape of emergency communications.

At the core of ARNI Control’s capabilities lies a dual Vocus Starlink – Satellite service, delivering blistering download speeds of up to 500mbps, combined with low-latency bandwidth.

This robust connectivity solution is complemented by WiFi, CB, mobile service booster and long distance PTMP, ensuring that communication is never compromised in critical situations.

To ensure uninterrupted operation of ARNI Control’s cutting-edge equipment, the system is equipped with a comprehensive power management solution.

This includes an electric start inverter generator, high performance solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, a DC to DC battery management system, and a 2000W inverter.

Such power resilience is vital for ARNI Control’s effectiveness in remote and disaster-prone regions and the to ensure success the AirBridge team have partnered with Redarc Australia.

AirBridge Networks Founder and Managing Director Doug Stephens said ARNI is testament to AirBridge’s commitment to serving the unique needs of remote Queensland and Australia.

“We are using the absolute best of technology and components for ARNI – in terms of communications, this is regional Australia’s best defence,” he said.

“I’m thrilled to be leading the talented team here at AirBridge who are behind bring the ARNI solution to market.

“It’s not every day you get to be a part of such a special product launch like ARNI, I’m very proud of the team at AirBridge behind this innovative solution – ARNI will be a game changer in the industry, especially for regional and remote communities.”

Mr  Stephens, who calls the disaster-prone region of Far North Queensland home, knows first-hand the importance of connectivity.

Multiple Far Northern councils and politicians have recognised the transformative potential of ARNI Control and have already expressed their support through drafted letters.

“Our partnership with Vocus has been very exciting because we were able to bring the Starlink service to communities almost a year ahead of any other provider,” Mr Stephens said.

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