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Ergon’s powerline warning

ERGON Energy Network and Energex are asking everyone to “Look Up and Live” after an alarming number of contacts with poles and wires already this year. 

“It’s frightening that we are only a few months into the year and there’s been 175 potentially lethal cases of vehicles coming into contact with poles and wires on our networks,” Area Manager Chris Graham said. 

“So many of these incidents could have been avoided with a bit more attention given by the driver of the vehicle or equipment. 

“Sometimes people are so focused on a task they don’t see the inherent dangers around them. 

“It just takes a momentary lapse in concentration and suddenly you’re facing the risk of electrocution, so it’s important to take the time to assess the area you’re working in, especially the location of any power poles or lines.” 

Motor vehicle accidents make up almost a third of the contacts  (58 incidents) while road transport accounted for 36 incidents, vegetation management 25 incidents earth moving activities caused 18 incidents. 

“Ergon Energy Network and Energex are continuing our safety campaign, asking people working around powerlines to Look Up and Live and if you accidentally contact a power pole or wires, STAY in the vehicle if safe, CALL Triple Zero and WAIT for help.” 

“You really need to look out for powerlines when you’re working because poles and wires can blend into the surroundings, but the risk is real and if you ignore it the consequences can be devastating. 

“If you are involved in an incident that brings down powerlines, stay in the vehicle, call Triple Zero and wait for help.”  

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