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Fit trading into your busy lifestyle: Trading Mentor

You can now fit trading into your busy life- have you always wanted to trade but are too busy to learn?

For over a decade, Colin Simpson has been helping people trade and become confident in a world with a fast-paced, high emotion reputation through his company Trading Mentor. However, Colin says it all comes down to psychology, risk management and discipline.

“A lot of people want to get the benefits of trading, (i.e. making some money) without having to do the hard work of learning to trade. So, I basically do all the work and send out a trade signal with the app I’ve created, and you can trade on the go,” he said.

During his 20 years of working in the markets, Colin knows how best to trade for the long term. Trading is not a short-term game, and it requires patience and a lot of background research. 

Colin’s newly launched app will not magically turn his clients into professional traders, but it will tell the client when to buy and sell shares, foreign exchange and Bitcoin. Colin says trading is simple, but it is certainly not easy. Traders get caught up in their emotions and make mistakes.

The signals that Colin sends out include what to buy, when and where to place a stoploss to limit your risk and when to take a profit. Subsequent updates also advise when to move the stoploss as the trade progresses. 

“These are signals that I am taking in my personal trading.”

The ever-down to earth Colin offers the analogy of people buying a gym membership. Just because you purchase a membership, it does not mean you will get fit. Trading Mentor offers four different services to accommodate various demands and desires of people who want to learn to trade. Whichever service you choose, Colin is determined to help you succeed.

“One-to-one Mentoring service is where the clients spend up to 40 hours on Zoom with me, developing their very own trading plan. It is an intensive course involving homework with each module and developing trading rules that each client is comfortable with. The course has a focus on psychology and mindset, as well as risk management.

This course is an accelerated way to learn how to trade with expert guidance. You can be trading with your own system in two months with this premium mentoring – Colin Simpson

Traders typically start with shares and then move into learning about foreign exchange and Bitcoin trading.

Colin’s second service, called OnlinePlus, has all the same course content as the premium mentoring but with fewer personalised live Zoom sessions. These courses also involve the client developing a trading plan to trade ASX shares or FX & Bitcoin with his expert guidance. More advanced traders can also look at trading Commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil and the World Indices such as the Dow and the Nasdaq.  

Shortly Colin will release his Automated Trading Service, where he shares the same software that he uses in his personal FX, Crypto, Commodities and Indices trading. Users of this service will be taking the exact same trades that Colin does.

 Automation of trading systems for me is the ultimate goal. It removes emotion and allows me to get on with life without fear of missing a trade – Colin Simpson

“It also allows the trading of intraday systems without being stuck in front of a computer all day.”

Colin is a people person and understands how busy life can get. That is why he is so passionate about helping people get started in trading. 

“How they achieve this is up to the individual – either they learn how to trade themselves or utilise the Signal Service or use the Automated Trading System and reap the benefits of trading without actually learning how to trade.”


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