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Flying Testicles return to Shitbox Rally


A CAR adorned with pubic hair and a crude model of testicles will be crossing the Australian outback on a trek from Port Douglas to Adelaide for this year’s Shitbox Rally, raising money for Cancer Council.

Cairns locals Darren Dovey and Mitch Griffiths have decided to put their hands up once again for the annual Shitbox Rally, raising money and awareness for the various types of cancer.

As is evident by their selection of car and theme, the two friends have chosen testicular cancer, honouring one of their friends’ son who had testicular cancer, causing one to “fly” off, hence their name – Flying Testicles.

The Shitbox Rally is not your average race in the fact that it raises millions of dollars for cancer research, but in the fact that teams much acquire a car and get it suitable for the rally for less than $1500.

“It used to be $1000 but due to Covid they upped it a bit,” Darran said.

“We’ve got a VS Commodore that we picked up from a wreckers for $350 but we had to get a starter motor in it to see if she ran – that was a mission.”

The boys were unable to reuse their car from last year as each time the race ends, the cars are then auctioned off to raise even more money.

Last year’s leg was from Mackay to Darwin and the boys unfortunately didn’t have any aircon, a mistake they have repeated in this year’s rally as their “new” car also doesn’t have any aircon.

The Flying Testicles have managed to raised $6000 with the help from friends and local business who have gotten behind their cause, pushing men to “check their bags”.

They weren’t actually going to participate in this year’s rally but seeing as the start line was just up the road in Port Douglas, they thought why not.

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