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High tea attendee wins sapphire surprise


A CAIRNS woman was shocked and delighted after realising she had won the most coveted prize of the Gordon’s Pink Jubilee Fashion High Tea last week, a sapphire and diamond necklace.

Jo Brierly has attended the high tea and other Cairns Amateurs Carnival events with friends for the last few years, always enjoying the atmosphere and the fashion.

When emcee Tammy Barker instructed attendees to check under their chairs for the sticker signifying the winner, Jo had a quick look before sitting back down as the marquee buzzed with activity.

After no winner was revealed, Tammy once again encouraged everyone to have a proper look and Jo joked to her table that it must be one of them – but not her.

It wasn’t until her friend sitting beside her caught a flash of the sticker as Jo put her seat down after a second fruitless look that Jo checked properly and realised she had indeed won the top prize of the day.

I didn’t look properly because I didn’t think I would win

Sapphire and diamond necklace winner Jo Brierly

“I don’t usually win anything, so it was really lovely to get such a special prize.”

After she endured a bad couple of weeks leading up to the event, Jo’s friends told her it was good karma that she won the $3,500 necklace donated by The Diamond Hunter.

“My friends said I’ll have to go into The Diamond Hunter with my husband and see if there are some matching earrings,” she said.

“This is something I will keep forever and can pass on to my daughter one day, so it’s very special.

“The high tea is so fun, such good value and the fashions get better and better every year.”

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