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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Interactive map to educate people on manholes

CAIRNS Regional Council is taking steps to improve awareness among residents and business owners about the presence of manholes on their properties.

With over 23,600 sewerage maintenance holes, commonly known as manhole covers, under council ownership and maintenance, maintaining their accessibility is vital for efficient sewerage infrastructure operation.

Property owners may not be aware they have a maintenance hole on their property, as they are often close to property boundaries or may hidden by vegetation.

To make it easier for residents and business owners to find out if there is an access point on their property, council has launched an easy-to-use interactive map that shows where the access points are located.

Sewerage maintenance holes are essential for sewer system maintenance and addressing blockages.

Regular inspections ensure their visibility and accessibility, and property owners are encouraged to maintain this accessibility over time.

It is important that maintenance holes are not covered or built over, as restricting access may require property owners to take corrective action, including the removal of any obstructions.

For more information, please visit council’s website.

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