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KAP slams call for GPS monitoring expansion

KATTER’S Australian Party (KAP) Deputy Leader Nick Dametto has criticised the recent calls by the Queensland Police Commissioner to ‘revisit’ GPS monitoring devices and expand wanding powers.

Expressing frustration with the State Labor Government’s handling of youth crime and the lack of clarity in their messaging, Mr Dametto pointed to what he sees as contradictory statements from government officials.

“It’s no wonder the public are fed up and can’t wait to see the last of this Labor Government when the election comes in October,” Mr Dametto said.

He questioned the efficacy of proposals such as GPS monitoring devices and expanded wanding powers, describing them as recycled solutions that have failed in the past to address the underlying issues of youth offending.

“Police Minister Mark Ryan said the State Labor Government was open to hearing new solutions and strategies on youth crime, yet we delivered him KAP’s Relocation Sentencing Policy back in August last year and received zero response,” Mr Dametto stated.

Highlighting the inconsistency in government responses to proposed solutions, Mr Dametto emphasised the need for more effective measures focused on proper rehabilitation rather than simply pouring funds into ineffective strategies.

“KAP’s policy wasn’t just created overnight – Relocation Sentencing was a concept that took years to build and is designed specifically to target hard nut offenders in hot spots such as Townsville, Cairns, and Mount Isa,” Mr Dametto explained.

He urged decision-makers to spend more time in communities affected by youth crime and to consider alternative solutions like Relocation Sentencing, which has garnered support from local governments and communities in North Queensland.

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