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Kowanyama police help family

A FAMILY and their dog were helped out of a sticky situation by Kowanyama police on Friday, 12 April.

Kowanyama officers received reports that a family of six and their pet dog Max were stranded on a muddy bush track between Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw. 

The family was returning from a fishing trip when their car broke down an hour outside of Kowanyama. 

One member of the family has a medical condition and requires regular medication.

Acting Senior Constable Ethan Hohn and Constable John Nurthen conducted inquiries and met a local man who offered to guide them to the family.

The family was located around 11pm and told officers they weren’t prepared to spend the night in the bush.

The group were escorted home in the two police vehicles, including Max the dog who rode in the pod with a bone and his blanket. 

The family were extremely appreciative and the kids even offered to wash the cars for the officers.

Anyone travelling to remote parts of our region are being reminded to take proper equipment and supplies in case of an emergency.

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