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Laws crack down on e-scooter and bike riders

E-SCOOTER, bike and personal mobility device (PMD) riders will now be charged with an offence if they do not ride without due care and attention under new laws that were recently introduced into Parliament.

The proposed laws will make it an offence for the rider of a PMD or bike to ride without due care and attention on a road-related area, such as a footpath, bike path or shared path.

This law already applies on roads and the proposed change ensures careless riding will be able to be enforced on other relevant infrastructure.

The proposed laws will also better align post-crash obligations for all drivers and riders, including ensuring drivers and riders involved in a crash stop, remain at the scene, render any medical assistance to any injured person, and exchange relevant information, such as name and address details.

Currently, these obligations do not apply consistently to PMD and bike riders on roads and paths. The proposed amendments will ensure that anyone involved in a crash has the same rights, no matter where the crash occurs.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said under the new laws, e-scooter and bike riders will have the same responsibilities as all other drivers and riders.

“This includes an obligation to ride with care around other path users and consistent post-crash responsibilities, such as calling an ambulance and exchanging details,” he said.

“E-scooters are a great way to get around, but their social licence depends on users doing the right thing.

“These new laws ensure e-scooter riders will need to play by the same rules as the rest of us and significant penalties will apply for those that ride irresponsibly.

“The proposed new laws continue to improve the safety of all path and road users in Queensland and I am proud of the nation-leading role Queensland continues to play in the regulation of e-scooters and other personal mobility devices.”

The proposed amendments also introduce protections for vulnerable people who may not be able to exchange personal information with other people involved in crashes.

This protection applies to any person who feels that exchanging their personal information may expose them to harm and allows for them to report the crash to the police instead.

The proposed laws will be considered by Parliament and commence once passed.

This next phase of e-scooter reforms follows the release of the PMD Safety Action Plan in mid-2022.

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