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Locals unhappy with state of Kuranda


A KURANDA local has been driving over half an hour to use the public spaces in Trinity Park as the ones near her home are in a state of disrepair and claims Mareeba Shire Council is ignoring the people of Kuranda.

Meagan Tyler, alongside other residents in Kuranda, have voiced their concerns to council about the state of their nearby skate park and basketball court which they claim is unusable.

The skatepark has uneven pavers, damaged fencing and a bowl that doesn’t drain properly, leaving water pools and making the area unsuitable for use.

Mrs Tyler has contacted Mareeba Shire Council about these specific issues and council confirmed will be tending to them this financial year however she said this is just the surface of a much deeper problem.

Other Kuranda families also feel that locals are being pushed to the side in favour of improving facilities catering to tourists.

It is frustrating, Kuranda locals are always left out in favour of the tourists which is good for the village but not for us

Kuranda local Meagan Tyler

“As a family, we can’t go anywhere to be together on a Friday afternoon.

“Council has responded and informed me they will look at fixing the skate park but it isn’t just there, there are other facilities that are in various states of disrepair.”

The bowl at the local skate park

Although areas of the village itself are in good repair and has a new playground, locals often can’t use the facilities due to the restricted parking space which is more often than not, taken up by tourists.

Ms Tyler said she is driving over half an hour down the hill to Trinity Park to use their public facilities as the ones nearby to her home aren’t suitable to use.

If we want to throw a birthday party for our kids we can’t use our local park

Kuranda local Meagan Tyler

However, Mayor Angela Toppin has refuted the allegations that council overlooks Kuranda and that the community’s facilities is not maintained.

Council’s Parks & Open Spaces Action Plan sets out planned works to improve the liveability and visual appeal of the Shire over the next three years and was developed with community feedback.

Mareeba Mayor Angela Toppin denies the claims that council does not maintain Kuranda

Kuranda has been identified for several projects including a Walking Network Plan as well as the aforementioned playground in Centenary Park.

Council will also implement a range of other projects in Kuranda, including footpaths and lighting upgrades in Coondoo Street, as well as a refresh of Anzac Park

Mareeba Mayor Angela Toppin

“These upgrades will have a benefit to the tourism industry and residents and will be funded by the Kuranda Infrastructure Levy.”

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