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Marano’s adds to empire

Local independent business stalwart Marano’s Fuel has expanded its empire even further with the addition of its newest service station in Edmonton.

The station is the company’s first in the city’s southern suburbs and its largest to date, boasting 250m2 of valuable amenities and up to 20 new jobs for locals.

Customers can expect to find a sit-down dining area featuring a complete commercial kitchen and qualified chef, along with heavy vehicle access, a trucker’s shower, high-flow diesel and AdBlue at the bowser. 

The complex also features a carwash, a tobacconist and additional retail spaces.

Marano’s Fuel CEO Angelo Marano says the hope is that the complex, located on the Bruce Highway at the corner of Thomson Road, will become a regular stop for truckers and southside residents alike.

“It will be the first servo on the left-hand side after leaving Cairns, so it’s perfect for locals to fill up as they’re coming home from town,” Mr Marano says. “We’re sure that drivers will also enjoy the new café-style dining experience.”

He says the expansion is a big step for the company, which has been operating in North Queensland for more than 60 years.

“We feel this is a great time for us to expand our service station operations into the southern Cairns market, and this event marks a significant milestone for our company,” says Mr Marano.

“We’ve got north and central covered with our city and northern beaches service stations, and now we’re showing the love to everyone in the south. 

“We’re proud to provide a locally-owned, independent service for the local community.”

Marano’s Fuel employs more than 120 locals across North Queensland, and administration officer Martin Gartrell says the company consistently strives to support local, down to procuring the meat for their sandwiches from a local butcher.

“We’re putting our money where our mouth is,” he says. “We look out for locals rather than going to any of the competitors where the money ends up offshore.”

Mr Gartrell says they have been pleased with the response since the service station opened.

“It does take time for people to change their habits, but we’re confident that the locals there will get behind us and get a meal when they don’t feel like cooking or fill up on their way home from work,” says Mr Gartrell.

“We’ve got a 20 seat dining area and a COVID safe plan, so hopefully people come and wash their cars and grab a coffee, get some breakfast, and give Southside Express a bit of a name.”

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