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Mareeba Shire Council provides candidate information

AS the Queensland Local Government election approaches on Saturday, 16 March, Mareeba Shire Council has published a website page to provide the community some information about the councillor candidates.

A Mareeba Shire Council spokesperson said the council has listened to community feedback and has provided a place for all eleven candidates to introduce themselves to Mareeba Shire voters.

“Each candidate provided their own profile, photo and contact details. In the spirit of fairness, the order in which the candidates are displayed on the page will be updated each workday based on a randomly generated list,” the spokesperson said.

If there are any residents who are unable to access the online page, please contact Council for assistance.

Mareeba Shire residents will be voting to fill the six positions for the councillors.

As current Mayor Angela Toppin was the only nominee for the position of Mayor, no election for this position will be held and she will officially be declared as the Mayor after the election on 16 March.

Early voting will be between Monday, 4 March and Friday, 15 March 2024.

For more information about how and where to vote, residents are encouraged to contact the Queensland Electoral Commission (1300 881 665 or ecq@ecq.qld.gov.au) or visit their website.

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