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Jam session at Men’s Day Out

MEMBERS of Cairns’ newly formed Congolese community band, Mood Nation, rocked The Salvos with a spontaneous jam session at the Centacare FNQ Men’s Day Out.

Welcoming men of all ages and ethnicities, the second Men’s Day Out was a unique and collaborative initiative by Centacare FNQ, Cairns Safer Streets, The Junction, The Salvation Army, The Men’s Shed, and Wuchopperen launched in April 2024 with overwhelming success for men from all walks of life to connect through conversation and participation in various activities.

Centacare FNQ’s Executive Director Anita Veivers said the day is about food, fun, and men getting together promoting mental and physical wellbeing.

“Be it sport, music, exploring employment and training opportunities and hobbies, this event is a practical and fun way to discover the joy of teamwork and community connection,” she said.

She said that while women actively seek social connection, men are less inclined to do so and might cite a lack of time or opportunity. 

“We have found that social interactions and relationships are more likely to be formed when there is an activity in which men can be involved. Sport is the perfect example,” Ms Veivers said.

“Men’s Day Out is an event where every man’s voice is heard and respected in a welcoming and hospitable environment, building trust and connection.

“One of the remarkable outcomes of our inaugural event was the formation of the Mood Nation band. Since then, the band has performed at the recent African Festival on the Esplanade and again at this week’s Men’s Day Out.”

She said Mood Nation serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when men with similar interests come together.

“It’s a testament to the talent and potential within our community,” she said.

Men’s Day Out 2.0 was well attended, with over 50 men joining round-table conversations on self-care, family life, building connections, getting ready for employment, and sports.

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