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Workshop to help flood victims to thrive

A FREE event and workshop to bolster mental health and resilience in people affected by the floods was such a success that another one will be held in April.

On Saturday, 9 March, the collaborative efforts of the combined Rotary Clubs of Cairns and C2U Health brought forth a free event, the Rise & Thrive Workshop.

Led by experienced mental health professionals Louise Murphy (Director, C2U Health) and Wade Norrie (Director Mental Health & ATODS service) this workshop aimed to equip participants with evidence-based techniques to navigate through struggle and challenges following the recent floods.

The 3.5 hour Rise & Thrive Workshop offered a comprehensive toolkit of skills and learnings to help 11 participants rise above the struggle and moving forward. 

Through engaging activities and insightful discussions, participants gained valuable insights and strategies to navigate difficult times with courage, resilience and hope.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with all participants indicating that the skills learned were highly useful and applicable to their lives.

Some of the written feedback included that attendees felt they gained useful tools and skills for the future, experienced the kindness of strangers, and that there was a realisation that others were feeling the same way – there was a togetherness and a sense of feeling understood.

A common theme during the workshop was the recognition that the message of accessing help and support, such as through workshops like Rise & Thrive, was not reaching everyone affected.

This insight prompted reflection on how to improve outreach efforts to ensure that those in need are aware of available resources.

In response to the overwhelming demand and positive feedback, the Rise & Thrive Workshop will be offered more frequently and promoted more widely to individuals and communities.

Another workshop is scheduled for April 13th, 2024, to continue supporting the community in their journey towards resilience and empowerment.

Find more information and register for the upcoming Rise & Thrive Workshop on Saturday 13th April 2024.

For enquiries call/text 0413 928 667.

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