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Murder mystery dinner for good cause


RAR Therapy is hosting a captivating Murder Mystery Dinner this Saturday 28 October at the Cairns Colonial Club Resort to raise funds for a worthy cause while offering participants an evening of suspense and entertainment.

The Cairns branch of the allied health clinic is raising funds to build and fit out a kitchen that can be used by occupational therapists to help clients with living skills and independence.

RAR Therapy has always been dedicated to its mission of promoting mental health and well-being in Cairns and the Murder Mystery Dinner is a unique way to further that commitment while engaging the community in a fun, interactive experience.

Guests attending the event can look forward to an unforgettable evening filled with intrigue, excitement, and a delicious two-course buffet dinner.

Attendees are encouraged to dress for a 1970s, disco-era theme, and upon arrival they will receive an envelope containing their character for the evening.

What will follow is a murder mystery loosely based on historical events in Cairns in the ’70s.

A prize will be given to the first person to solve the mystery.

Character participation is not mandatory to be in the running to win – guests are welcome to enjoy the evening and observe the murder mystery drama without playing a character and can still enter to win.

Every ticket sold will directly contribute to the betterment of mental health services and facilities within the community.

RAR Therapy registered psychologist Karen Ott said they wanted to create a fun event to get the community involved where proceeds would help to improve the lives and independence of RAR Therapy’s clients.

“The reason for the event is that we have a room we want to turn into a kitchen for our occupational therapists to use to help people with living skills and assess how they are in the kitchen,” she said.

“So we thought, what can we do to raise the funds, and I’ve done murder mystery evenings in the past and they’ve been great so we decided to go with that for something a bit fun.

It’s a disco-era mystery with lots of nefarious activities going on

RAR Therapy registered psychologist Karen Ott

“There will be detective characters who will release police reports containing clues throughout the evening.”

RAR Therapy extends a warm invitation to the Cairns community and beyond to join in this exciting Murder Mystery Dinner event.

By participating, guests are not only in for a thrilling experience but are also making a tangible difference in the lives of those who rely on RAR Therapy for support, guidance, and hope.

Tickets are available via Trybooking and all are welcome to attend, enjoy a meal, and play a character or simply observe the fun for a chance to win a prize and contribute to mental health and well-being in the Cairns community.

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