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New police recruits in Cairns

SEVEN First Year Constables (FYCs) have completed their first day on the job in Cairns, after graduating from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Oxley Academy on March 6.

The recruits were among the first to swear the newly revised oath and affirmation as part of their induction, and adopted the updated statement of ethics which was revised to property reflect the QPS’ respect for human rights.

The newly sworn officers will now put their eight months of training into practice, while learning from experienced Cairns officers.

They will be partnered with a qualified mentoring officers for their initial eight weeks of duty, before working with field training officers for eight months.

After completing the FYC training program, the constables will then receive their permanent appointments.

The new officers bring different experiences to the frontline, having worked in film, real estate, hospitality and admin.

Constable Liam Stewart-Smith from Brisbane said his eight months of training was challenging, but that he’s excited for new opportunities. 

“I was up for the challenge of policing, no two days are the same, you’re always on your feet, always active, so that’s something I was looking forward to,” Constable Stewart-Smith said. 

Far North District Acting Superintendent Jason Smith welcomed the new officers to Cairns and said the region will provide them with a diverse policing experience.

“Very quickly they are going to be assigned to frontline duties and now that means they are going to be people safe from domestic violence, youth crime, road trauma and street disturbances, as well as emergency management responses,” he said.

“We are always looking for good people – up here in Cairns we are always looking for people who know our spaces, who know our people and the challenges of working in the Far North.” 

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