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Quality Craftsmanship

Durability, strength, and toughness are attributes of a timber boat builder, and for 40 years, one Innisfail business owner led the way as he embarked on adventures across the Great Barrier Reef and chartered the water of the Gulf region.d

John Durso has since sailed home to the shores of Innisfail and retired but he was never one to sit still and allow his hands to become idle. Mr Durso has used his time to perfect his artwork, with many of his creations reflecting his experiences on the water and his work as a timber boat builder. He has created unique fishing rod holders and snooker cabinets and previously donated custom trophies for Council’s Tilapia Fishing Competition.

As part of his ongoing commitment to the community, Mr Durso gifted the Cassowary Council a new wooden flag stand made with care and of the most significant craftmanship. The stand is made from quality woods, including Satin Sycamore, Red Cedar, and Satin Ash. The incredible detail reflects the high standard of artistry, which will ensure the stand becomes an integral part of the ceremonial items of the Council.

Mr Durso also worked as a projectionist for 15 years in the Innisfail Airdrome and Regent Theatres, now Regent Arcade and later became Manager of both. His historical ties to the region and Innisfail inspired his work on the Council Flag Stand.

The Innisfail Shire Hall should have a piece that reflects community pride – Mr Durso.

The contributions of this flag stand by Mr Durso reflect the significant and silent contributions that many of our local citizens selflessly give to our community through their volunteer efforts. This donation by Mr Durso will provide our community with a legacy reflected in the quality crafted flag stand displayed in Council Chambers.

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