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Queensland Police Delivers Historic Apology to LGBTIQ+ Communities

Queensland Police Service (QPS) Commissioner Katarina Carroll delivered an apology and statement of regret to LGBTIQ+ communities and LGBTIQ+ QPS members, past and present, for historical mistreatment.

Last year the QPS and committee of Brisbane Pride Incorporated committed to collaborating on the historic apology.

“We must acknowledge for much of its history, the QPS inflicted profound pain upon Queensland’s LGBTIQ+ people by enforcing laws that criminalised homosexual activity between consenting adults,” Commissioner Carroll said.

New Era of Respect

Commissioner Carroll said this partnership was made possible by both the dedicated members of the QPS and the LGBTIQ+ communities, who strived to cultivate a new era of respect that transcended the past.

“To all those directly and indirectly impacted by the discrimination and prejudice from these laws, which were enforced by the QPS, I am sorry for this profound hurt and pain.

“I am also sorry to those within our own organisation who experienced discrimination and prejudice.”

As you would appreciate, it has been an extremely emotional and challenging time – Commissioner Carroll

Significant Milestone

In recognising the significant milestone, Commissioner Carroll said the monumental progress of the QPS in recent years reflects a better and more representative policing organisation in Queensland.

“Discrimination towards LGBTIQ+ people is not acceptable, and the QPS will continue to work to eliminate it,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“I recognise today as an important milestone in the history of the QPS.” 

“It is a significant step in our journey toward a fully inclusive and contemporary police service. I will ensure the QPS continues to build meaningful relationships with the LGBTIQ+ community based on trust and mutual respect.

The QPS is proud that over the past 30 years, they have built an emerging and positive relationship between our organisation and LGBTIQ+ communities.

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