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Queensland Police Lures International Talent Under New Agreement

Foreign nationals with sufficient policing experience can apply to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) under a new labour agreement between the State and Federal Governments. 

The QPS has approval for 500 new international recruits to join the service each year for five years. The agreement, the broadest of its kind among Australia’s policing jurisdictions, allows the QPS to recruit international police officers without the requirement to be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the agreement was the biggest opportunity for internationally experienced officers to work in Queensland.

“The new labour agreement goes beyond what has been offered by any other police organisation in Australia, allowing experienced officers from any country the chance to work for the Queensland Police Service and bring their own unique experiences, knowledge and skills to our organisation,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“This is the biggest opportunity that we have offered for international police who are looking for a career in one of the most beautiful places in the world, which has so much to offer – from fast-paced operations within our major cities to regional policing in communities in the tropics.”

All police officers recruited under the new labour agreement must pass the QPS’ recruit testing and vetting.

Depending on the level and recency of their experience, successful recruits will be trained through either the existing Police Abridged Competency Education (PACE) program or the mainstream recruit training program, ensuring they meet the standards of the QPS.

After their training, the newest recruits will be stationed across Queensland to commence their First Year Constable program, with the opportunity to expedite this program and enter the service up to the rank of Senior Constable.

Commissioner Carroll said while the QPS was already a popular choice for internationals with permanent residency, she expected the agreement would remove barriers for others looking to move abroad.

“With this new agreement, I expect interest from international police officers to greatly increase,” she said.

I joined the Queensland Police 40 years ago, and I can say from personal experience that policing in this state has everything to offer – there is something for everyone and every lifestyle

“To officers out there who might be thinking about a move abroad, now is the time. Come and join the Queensland Police Service.”

Senior Constable Lisa Harris became a QPS officer in 2019 after several years in frontline policing in Scotland and West Midlands Police. She said the training made the transition very smooth, with much of the work and learning based on familiar principles.

“I’ve felt very welcomed by the wider QPS since the very start of my time here; we have access to modern resources, including the vehicles and technology we use to do our job, there’s good support on jobs, and the salary is great,” Senior Constable Harris said.

Of course, the lifestyle in Queensland is also a big drawcard. When I’m not on shift, I can do what I love and get outdoors and soak up the Queensland sunshine

Minister for Police, Mark Ryan MP, said this was a commitment from the Queensland Government to bring international police talent to Queensland.

“This is a win-win. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for the Queensland Police Service to significantly expand the diversity of its workforce while providing a unique opportunity for people around the world to join a world-class police organisation,” Minister Ryan said.

“I’m excited to welcome international police officers to our Queensland community and hope they enjoy everything that our state has to offer.”

International police looking for more information on the application process can visit www.policerecruit.qld.gov.au/international-police-recruitment

For more information on applying to the Queensland Police Service, visit www.policerecruit.com.au

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