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Special constables appointed in Townsville

TWO former police officers have re-joined the ranks as special constables during a ceremony in Townsville recently, boosting frontline police resources in North Queensland.

The pair are among a dozen police officers who have returned to policing as part of a newly created QPS program where officers can re-join the frontline on a casual basis.

The former officers must undergo necessary refresher training and assessment to ensure they remain suitable to carry out frontline policing duties.

Special constables are employed by the QPS as part of a relief function, allowing policing districts to fill temporary resourcing gaps such as when officers are on recreational leave, during peak-demands and major events.

The new category, announced this year as part of a suite of measures to strengthen police resources, enables the option for officers who retire at the mandatory age of 60 to return to the service on a casual basis.

The QPS is able to leverage the officers’ knowledge, experience and established connections to local communities.

Deputy Police Commissioner Shane Chelepy said this program opens up opportunities for former police officers.

“There is a significant amount of interest for current serving officers who are nearing retirement to return as special constables as well as other officers who have left the service and want to return with secondary casual employment,” he said.

“We know policing is a passion for many officers who want to continue working beyond the mandatory retirement age and we are very pleased we can retain their wealth of experience and skills among our ranks.”

The 12 special constables have been appointed to areas including Townsville, Longreach, Ipswich and Moreton.

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