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Unity unveils comprehensive crime strategy


IN a bid to tackle rising crime rates and ensure the safety of residents, Unity Team has recently announced a raft of measures included in their comprehensive crime and safety policy.

The strategy focuses on addressing crime and safety concerns in the suburbs and the Cairns CBD, with an emphasis on expanding the existing CCTV network.

Cairns Mayor and Unity leader Terry James said the strategy is a zero-tolerance approach toward repeat offenders engaged in criminal activities and anti-social behaviour within Cairns.

Mayor James said he plans to hold the State Government to account with youth crime, joining with 77 other councils across Queensland.

“Unity wants zero tolerance with respect to repeat offenders of crime and anti-social behaviour,” he said.

“That is how the future council, led by the Unity Team, will proactively advocate to the State Government to get on board and do something substantial.”

Key components of the strategy include the expansion of CCTV camera network, which currently comprises over 500 cameras strategically placed throughout Cairns.

Mayor James claims the initiative, which began in 2012 with the installation of the first CCTV camera, has proven highly effective in enhancing surveillance and deterring criminal activities.

Coupled with the installation of new cameras, new and improved lighting will also be installed to help better identify individuals caught on camera.

An increase to council-employed security guards is also part of the strategy with a handful of guards already being employed and more planned for the future.

“We haven’t had security guards on staff before… so with the security guards, more cameras, better lighting and working closely with the police are seeing a reduction,” Mayor James said.

While there hasn’t been a direct reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour in the CBD, where a majority of the CCTV cameras are located, Mayor James stressed there will be an increase in reporting and subsequent action taken by authorities.

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