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Unity to focus on cost-of-living

THE cost-of-living is the final issue Cairns Unity Team has unveiled their policy for, pledging to continue the support and programs currently offered by Cairns Regional Council.

Mayor Terry James, and leader of Unity, said during the aftermath of ex-topical cyclone Jasper one of council’s first actions was to establish hardship arrangements for those affected by flooding, offering support through flexible payment options and other assistance measures.

Mayor James emphasised the importance of tailored support, claiming a “one size fits all” strategy doesn’t always work.

“We encourage impacted residents to come and talk to council officers in their time of need,” he said.

“We will continue to support our residents with this cost saving and support measures.”

Central to the Unity-led council’s agenda is reducing the cost of doing business in Cairns by cutting through bureaucratic red tape across all Council functions, which Mayor Terry claims will ease financial burdens on residents.

Mayor James highlighted the diverse expertise within the Unity Team and emphasised that each candidate has experience in a variety of sectors that could assist with the easing of cost-of-living pressures.

Recognizing the vital role of not-for-profit associations and community organisations in fostering community cohesion, the Unity-led Council pledges to support volunteer groups by improving access to council venues and facilities for their activities and events.

Division 2 candidate Nikki Giumelli underscored the importance of fostering community engagement through free events in suburban areas, fostering connections and vibrancy within neighbourhoods.

Addressing the pressing issue of housing affordability and availability, Mayor James said a Unity-led council would commit to promoting housing diversity and increasing housing stock through responsible development initiatives aligned with the Cairns Planning Scheme and Planning Act.

“Development within the CBD to increase our resident population is a key focus of mine and achieving this will drive the success of the CBD, more people, more activity, increased surveillance, improved safety”, Unity Team Division 5 candidate Nathan Lee Long said.

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