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Callous youth assault young mother in home

KATTER’S Australia Party Deputy Leader Nick Dametto said it is no longer safe for people to do their Sunday chores and tasks after a young mother was injured in her own home while protecting her baby from two armed home invaders.

Mr Dametto was mowing his own lawn around the corner from the home in Burdell where the invasion took place and saw police patrolling the street.

At the time he took no notice as he believed officers must have been following up on a previous incident.

“Once I realised what had happened and that it was only around the corner from me, I was beyond angry,” he said.

“We all have our roller doors up doing chores and tasks around our homes on the weekend and now we can’t even do that anymore – it’s sickening.”

The young mother was injured after she fought back against an intruder armed with an axe and another assailant who was armed with a knife – it was just 10am in morning.

“We’ve got youth offenders that now walk into people’s homes with weapons in broad daylight and our Premier and Youth Justice Minister have all but thrown their hands in the air and given up,” Mr Dametto said.

“In any aspect of law, if the courts aren’t interpreting the legislation the way parliament intended it to be, then it is up to the parliament to address that and rewrite the laws to make them clearer and ensure they are applied as intended.”

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