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Youth Crime Hot Topic

Outside the Cairns Convention Centre for day one of the regional sitting of parliament, the first in 15 years, was Humphrey Hollins advocating for the youth crime wave to end.

Standing outside alongside placards and two parked cars, one of which is Perri Conti’s that was stolen last year, Humphrey said he and Perri have been working tirelessly to help kids find a purpose in life and guide them away from crime.

“When I met Perri, she had a petition asking for various things but most importantly, an open inquiry into Child Services, which we think is sort of the core of the problem here because the kids who are abandoned and neglected end up going through Child Services. Then they are put resi care houses, which is incredibly expensive and very ineffective,” Humphrey said. 

Often, they don’t go to school or TAFE. They get out and steal cars – Humphrey

Perri and Humphrey have been working hard on the petition for an inquiry into Child Services, but he says people often walk by, and it’s only people who have been a victim of a crime that stops and takes the time to sign the petition. 

“We’ve got quite a wide circle of politicians that we speak to now to try and change things, but we’re not like we’re not the other anti-crime crusaders. Perri, from the start, has focused on the kids. She wants to see the kids get into decent residential care, go to school, get into TAFE, take up apprenticeships, or work basically.”

Both Perri and Humphrey believe that youth need a purpose, responsibility and guidance in life and guidance, which will help curb youth crime. 

Recently Perri brought an old boarding house with 12 bedrooms in Parramatta Park. She plans to start renovating in a few weeks and provide rooms at a subsidised rate to kids who are working and have nowhere safe to live once the renovations are complete. 

In parliament, raising the criminal age of responsibility was touched on during question time, with both sides passionately arguing for and against it. Across Australia, children as young as ten years old can be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to juvenile detention.

Changing Cairns Crime Problems Facebook page that Perri runs. 

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